March 28, 2023

The United States of America women’s volleyball team defeated Serbia in their rematch of the Olympic semi-final, advancing them to the gold medal match. The key to their victory was a well-executed strategy that kept the Serbian superstar Tijana Bokovi away from the ball.

After defeating Serbia in three sets by scores of 25-19, 25-15, and 25-23, the United States women’s volleyball team will compete for their first ever gold medal on Sunday.

Annie Drews was the top scorer for the United States with 17 points, followed by Jordan Larson with 15 points and Michelle “Boom-Boom” Bartsch-Hackley with 9 points.

Supreme U.S. defence limited Serb star Tijana Bošković to 19.

The United States of America qualified for the match for the bronze medal at Rio 2016 thanks to Serbia five years ago. Today was a day of redemption for the United States of America because they were able to respond by defeating the World and European champions in straight sets.

Bartsch-Hackley, Jordyn Poulter, Foluke Akinradewo, and Haleigh Washington were all a part of an organized block that was coordinated by Bartsch-Hackley. Despite this, Serbian star Tijana Bokovi is the top scorer in the women’s or men’s competition at the Tokyo 2020 volleyball tournament. However, the United States was able to neutralize this threat.

The United States of America did their research and neutralized the primary threat posed by Serbia, while also positioning their best hitter, Drews, against an opponent who was overmatched.

Even though Serbian head coach Zoran Terzi shuffled the pack throughout the match, the United States was still unable to find a foothold despite targeting outside hitter Bianka Busa the entire time.

The United States of America never deviated from their game plan and never made a single adjustment to their formation.

After falling behind 24-14 in the first set, Serbia and Bokovi scored five consecutive points to make it 24-14, but the United States pulled away and won the set without looking back.

Before this semi-final, head coach Karch Kiraly told his players, “We have to out-team other teams,” and that is exactly what they did. They worked better as a unit, defended fiercely, and stunned their opponents who were heavily favored by finding unstoppable angles and varying the threat.

Drews was clutch once again, spiking, blocking, and serving aces. He had 22 points against Italy and 21 points against the Dominican Republic, and he was clutch here as well.

Because star designated hitter Jordan Thompson got hurt, it didn’t turn out too badly for anyone else on the team.

Drews seemed to be in a good mood throughout the day, and it was contagious; the rest of the team joined in on the celebration when Serbia failed to respond to their challenge.

Setter Jordyn Poulter made her comeback after suffering an ankle injury and was another significant contributor to a dominating victory.

The United States of America have never won an Olympic gold medal, but they have won three silver medals and two bronze medals in the past. Despite this, the United States are currently the champions of the Volleyball Nations League.

And they are only one match away from Olympic glory.

The United States women’s volleyball team advanced to the final round of the Women’s preliminary round – Pool B.
Argentina 0-3 USA


  • USA 3-0 Dominican Republic


  • USA – Serbia

Serbia women’s volleyball team road to the final

Women’s Preliminary Round – Pool A

  • Serbia 3-0 Dominican Republic
  • Serbia 3-0 Japan
  • Serbia 3-0 Kenya
  • Serbia 1-3 Brazil
  • Serbia 3-0 South Korea


  • Serbia 3-0 Italy


  • Serbia – USA

When is the final of the women’s volleyball competition at the Olympics?

On Sunday, August 8 at 1:30pm Japan Standard Time, the United States of America and Serbia will compete in the Olympic final (12:30am Eastern Time in the U.S., 6:30am in Serbia).

They will play the victor of the match between Brazil and the Republic of Korea, which is the other semi-final.

Competition for the bronze medal in women’s volleyball

While the United States and Serbia will compete for bronze on Friday and Sunday, August 8 at 9 am Japan Standard Time (JST), respectively (8pm Eastern Time in the U.S., 2am in Serbia)